Phenomenon behind the series: Crossroads

Although most now associate crossroads and the demons attached to them with the TV show Supernatural, there's actually some actual history behind the legends. I chose to incorporate the stories into the Catherine Siddall series for a few reasons, as I'll explain. In mythology and folklore, a crossroads, where two paths meet, can be a … Continue reading Phenomenon behind the series: Crossroads

Book Info

Displaced: Catherine Siddall Series Book One When Catherine went into the woods to hunt down a ghost, she would be back in a comfortable hotel room by the next night. She never imagined she would end up somewhere else completely.  Injured, she is found by a man who could easily be an extra in a period … Continue reading Book Info

Moving Pieces: Catherine Siddall Series Book Three available now

It's showtime! Book Three of the Catherine Siddall series goes live in paperback and ebook (and free on Kindle Unlimited) today, October 15th! In addition, new editions of the first two books in the series have been released. It's a perfect time to start the series! With Lett dead, Catherine has hoped to establish a … Continue reading Moving Pieces: Catherine Siddall Series Book Three available now

Unexpected Returns

As of Wednesday, August 1st, the second book in the Catherine Siddall series is now available! Catherine has survived the events of Displaced and is now back in her own time. However, she's definitely been impacted by the losses she has faced. A familiar face from her past comes to town and helps her come … Continue reading Unexpected Returns