#Igwritersoct 31 day photo challenge: the first ten days

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an Instagram addict. So when I came across a photo challenge for writers this month, there was no question that I needed to do it.

Day One: So far, I’ve achieved a few of these. Re-edits are done. Plans are being made to celebrate book three. One newsletter just went out( sign up link is available on the facebook page and I will double check that it is here as well). Props are taking shape. Book 4 is at 70k words out of an estimated 85k.

Day Two: books and flowers

Day three: Inspiration boards. I decided to give a sneak peek at Book Four. As you can see, there are a few dramatic settings. I’m getting to pull on my experiences in England, locations I’ve been to, and my history background.

Day Four: signed books. I have more signed photos than I do signed books. However, I had the chance to hear Joann Fletcher speak and had her sign one of her books. I was a massive Nat Geo Egypt documentary geek growing up and still am. Hell, I studied archaeology. I was beyond excited to meet her.

Day Five: unused titles. I knew for Book four that it would have a chess-themed title. These are ones that did not get selected.

Day Six: book spines. This is just a sneak peek at my books shelves.

Day Seven: writing pet peeves.

1- I believe characters should have personalities and that they should each speak in a way that reflects them.

2- One of the first messages I got was a complaint that I did not describe my female MCs breasts in explicit detail. Her story is what’s important. Not her boobs. I’ve put down books when they do the cliche “she stood in front of the mirror and caressed her size gg breasts.” no. stop.

3- It is important to me that there be consequences to the characters actions. By book three, Moving Pieces (out Oct 15th/ NOW) you see that Catherine’s past has caught up to her and her former coping skills aren’t helping the situation. There’s the nightmares, anxiety attacks, flashbacks. None of them get away without paying for what they’ve done in some way.

Day Eight: writing tools. My IPad (in its pink case) is my favorite tool. I do all my writing on it. When I get a few chapters ready, I move them to my laptop to format and eventually edit. I also have a notebook for random ideas and to act as a “series bible” which contains character details, timelines, quotes, lore and more. I desperately need to update it. I also have a wooden cat that I bought at York Minster during my time in York. Also, I’m addicted to my wax burner and my current candle from bath and body works.

Day Nine: #Teasertuesday sneak peek time! I’ll compile some of these sneak peeks that I’ve posted on Insta to post here as well. This is a short teaser for Moving Pieces.

Day Ten: Favorite advice. These are things that I would tell anyone who wants to write. They’re also things I tell myself.