#Igwritersoct days 21-31

The conclusion of the Instagram challenge, and the final set of images. I had a great time doing this challenge and will be partaking in #Igwritersnov as well!

Day 21- title envy-

Kim Harrison has the best titles. The Hallows Series is definitely one of my faves and an inspiration.

Day 22- Your WIP

Cover sneak peek! My goal is to finish this in the next month. It’s currently at 71k words and the major scenes are written. I just need to fill in some blanks and get Cat and Connelly to cooperate.

Day 23- Writing drinks-

Tea. So much tea. Especially when I had the best tea shops within walking distance. Now, it’s still tea but mostly brewed at home and sadly without cupcakes. I’m a sugar junkie so I won’t say no to mochas or frappuccinos either.

Day 24- Literary Fun

Midway through the first book in the series, Garrett cracks a joke that turned out to be major foreshadowing. I just didn’t know it at the time.

It’s happened a few more times and it’s usually Garrett who is revealing something.

Day 25- lazy writing tip

I use Pinterest to organize photos that inspire various things, help develop characters (pin their clothing preferences, likes, dislikes, homes, cars, things from their past, etc), and world building. I’ve got boards for characters, weapons, settings and loads more. Think of it as a digital character sheet.

I’ve also got boards for the books themselves, writing-related humor, info, and a few personal ones for when my mind needs a break

Day 26- Character inspiration

For this day I posted the character boards that are in the character profile blogs, check them out!

Day 27- Workspace

My desk is only this clean because I cleared it off to do promo shots of the new book earlier that day. A few of my tools and favorite things are visible- laptop, iPad, some of my crystals, my favorites lip balm and my candle that smells like a bakery.

Day 28- Writer Friends

I have made some great connections on Instagram and in FB groups, but in life, I’m a homebody and so my cats are the ones to keep me company. Also, a mini grim reaper for when its time to kill a character.

Day 29- Rejection

What only very few people know is that while I was doing my undergrad, I was also sending query letters and samples of Displaced. I never got a single reply. I started looking deeper into the industry (and it’s issues) and decided to go indie. I went into it knowing it was going to be work, and it was going to take time. I joined groups that talk about marketing. I stay as active as possible with social media without forcing it down people’s throats. I try to think about what I want as a reader, and what other readers want to see. I refuse to change my story to suit others or change the characters to be ‘less offensive’ (Cats opening line has pissed a few people off. But it fits her, so it stays.). Sales aren’t super great yet. But I’ve actually sold my books to people I don’t know. That’s a success right there. My favorite thing is getting messages from people about the books and characters. That alone has made it worth it. 
Does it get frustrating sometimes? Hell yes. I’d love if someone else could market for me, but this is my job so I’ll put in the effort. I’ll put in the time. I’ll continue writing the series. 
In the end, the most important things you can do are to just keep trying, keep doing the work, and keep being patient. Remember not to compare yourself to others, whether it’s their profits, turn out rates, or followers. You are making an effort, you’re being a badass. 
This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Day 30- Spooky writing story

This is from my last visit to the cemetery that features on my covers before I moved back to the states. My friend was with me and she called me over to this grave. One of my characters names? William Forrester. I had just finished book 3, which involved his death. It was a chilling and cool moment of synchronicity.

Day 31- October wrap up

My October goals were to

finish re-edits (DONE)

Celebrate the release of book 3 (Released! But celebrations have been delayed due to conflicting schedules.

Get two newsletters out (Done)

Purchase props for the convention (mostly done. Still need a table cover, and a card display. And to print the sign-up sheet and info page I designed.)

Get book 4 3/4 done (I’m going to say I hit that mark. Only 10kish words to go.)

Re-establish a routine- (still working on it, but I’m back to writing every day, updating the blog regularly, and have kept up with social media.)