Critical Position: Catherine Siddall Series Book Four (Pre-order Live)

In chess, a critical position is that in which everything can be changed with a single move.

The demons game reaches new heights as Catherine realizes just what happened when Connelly’s rite went wrong. Once again stuck in the past, the pair must find a way home. Not to mention, figure out where and when they are exactly. Clues start to fall into place, a sign pointing to London and individuals dressed in medieval clothing. 

Using what they know of the rite that brought them there, and knowledge of Letts history, they venture forth to find their way to the abbey where the game began. Catherine is forced to face her past with Lett, with Connelly the fallen priest who is her companion, and with her own demons. 

Will things shift irretrievably, or will Catherine find her way out of the game for real?

Book four in the Catherine Siddall Series will be released on Febuary 20th, check out the facebook page and instagram for updates, teasers, excerpts, insights and more.

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