February goals- wrap up

Each month I post an image of my goal list to Instagram, as a way to hold myself accountable. Here’s what February had planned-

And here is the month wrap up-

40k words? Check! (Stay tuned for a post on productivity coming later this week)

2 newsletters? Check! I also came back to this platform and am trying to queue up some posts to release regularly.

New photos? Once my copy of Critical position arrived, I did manage to do a small #bookstagram style shoot. They’re being posted to Instagram.

Celebrate release and draft completion? Um, kind of. I am notoriously horrible at actually celebrating things and am still figuring that out.

2 weeks of promos? It ended up being three weeks and some days had multiples. I’ve moved on to promoting the box set as well.

*not listed-

the box set- I was planning on doing this, bundling the first three novels into one digital collection, but decided to move this up. I formatted it and set up a preorder and it will be released this week. It’s a great way to join the series while saving some money!

Follower milestone- I cracked 500 followers on the author Instagram. While not a huge number, I’m delighted to see this happen organically and with the engagement I receive there.

Another post is coming later this week about how I stay productive and what works for me when it comes to personal accountablity in writing. There might be another post about the box set as well.

Happy writing, happy reading, and kick some ass.