The Black Angel of Iowa City

It's been a while since I last posted a local urban legend! Here's a short tale about a legend from southeast Iowa. Standing at over 8 foot tall, the Black Angel of Iowa City's Oakland Cemetery cuts an imposing figure. Erected in 1913, it was placed in the cemetery at the request of Teresa Feldevert. … Continue reading The Black Angel of Iowa City


Cramming it all in: Writing while having full time obligations

I think we've all been there. We've all been so busy that our writing falls to the wayside, and slips further and further down the list of things to do. Work gets in the way, School gets in the way, Family gets in the way, illness gets in the way. That's just how life works. … Continue reading Cramming it all in: Writing while having full time obligations

Behind the Characters: Lett (Alexander Taggart)

*contains spoilers. The creator of the game. Demonic bastard. King of Hell wannabe. I knew when I first started to dream up the beginnings of the story, Catherine needed a foe who was determined, whose motivations went much further than anyone could realize. I knew from the start he had to be a demon, and … Continue reading Behind the Characters: Lett (Alexander Taggart)

Mental Illness, Trauma, and Writing as therapy.

*May contain slight spoilers *contains frank discussion of mental health and self-harm type behaviors I was asked once why I allowed my characters to have weak moments, particularly Catherine and her ongoing struggles with anxiety. Answer- Because that's real life. People struggle. People have mental health issues and they often have relapses. I wanted her … Continue reading Mental Illness, Trauma, and Writing as therapy.

February goals- wrap up

Each month I post an image of my goal list to Instagram, as a way to hold myself accountable. Here's what February had planned- And here is the month wrap up- 40k words? Check! (Stay tuned for a post on productivity coming later this week) 2 newsletters? Check! I also came back to this platform … Continue reading February goals- wrap up