February goals- wrap up

Each month I post an image of my goal list to Instagram, as a way to hold myself accountable. Here's what February had planned- And here is the month wrap up- 40k words? Check! (Stay tuned for a post on productivity coming later this week) 2 newsletters? Check! I also came back to this platform … Continue reading February goals- wrap up

#Igwritersoct days 21-31

The conclusion of the Instagram challenge, and the final set of images. I had a great time doing this challenge and will be partaking in #Igwritersnov as well! Day 21- title envy- Kim Harrison has the best titles. The Hallows Series is definitely one of my faves and an inspiration. Day 22- Your WIP Cover … Continue reading #Igwritersoct days 21-31

#Igwritersoct days 11-20

Day 11- your books I’m kind of bummed I don’t have my copy of book three yet, which is out next week, but here’s the first two in the series. A massive supernatural mystery, dem Day 12- books that inspire you... Um, Everything I’ve ever read? I narrowed it down to the first books in … Continue reading #Igwritersoct days 11-20

#Igwritersoct 31 day photo challenge: the first ten days

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm an Instagram addict. So when I came across a photo challenge for writers this month, there was no question that I needed to do it. Day One: So far, I've achieved a few of these. Re-edits are done. Plans are being made to celebrate book three. One newsletter just … Continue reading #Igwritersoct 31 day photo challenge: the first ten days