Behind the Characters: Lett (Alexander Taggart)

*contains spoilers. The creator of the game. Demonic bastard. King of Hell wannabe. I knew when I first started to dream up the beginnings of the story, Catherine needed a foe who was determined, whose motivations went much further than anyone could realize. I knew from the start he had to be a demon, and … Continue reading Behind the Characters: Lett (Alexander Taggart)


Mental Illness, Trauma, and Writing as therapy.

*May contain slight spoilers *contains frank discussion of mental health and self-harm type behaviors I was asked once why I allowed my characters to have weak moments, particularly Catherine and her ongoing struggles with anxiety. Answer- Because that's real life. People struggle. People have mental health issues and they often have relapses. I wanted her … Continue reading Mental Illness, Trauma, and Writing as therapy.

February goals- wrap up

Each month I post an image of my goal list to Instagram, as a way to hold myself accountable. Here's what February had planned- And here is the month wrap up- 40k words? Check! (Stay tuned for a post on productivity coming later this week) 2 newsletters? Check! I also came back to this platform … Continue reading February goals- wrap up