#Igwritersoct days 11-20

Day 11- your books I’m kind of bummed I don’t have my copy of book three yet, which is out next week, but here’s the first two in the series. A massive supernatural mystery, dem Day 12- books that inspire you... Um, Everything I’ve ever read? I narrowed it down to the first books in … Continue reading #Igwritersoct days 11-20

When people try to drag you down

"How is your little story going?" "Writing isn't a real career." "If its so much work, why do you want to do it?" "If its so much work, you shouldn't do it." "If you don't have money for a professional editor, designer, formatter, etc you shouldn't be trying to publish." "Self-publishing is for people who … Continue reading When people try to drag you down

The Origins of the Catherine Siddall Series

"How did you come up with the story?" This was asked by a rather conservative family member in this case, which I'll come back to, but its a question authors get fairly often. This is usually when I lock up and struggle to find the right explanation. And honestly, it depends on who I'm talking … Continue reading The Origins of the Catherine Siddall Series

Outlining vs Letting The Characters have Control

There are different kinds of writers. One of the biggest divisions between them, I feel, is the opinion on outlining vs free writing aka pantsing aka letting the characters drive. I remember how, when I was in school, we were always told to create an outline. It didn't matter if it was creative writing or … Continue reading Outlining vs Letting The Characters have Control

Behind the characters: Catherine

One of my biggest pet peeves, when I'm reading, is when the lead character is perfect. Flawless. Never fails. I knew from the start that I wanted my characters to reflect how every single person has flaws and even heroes fail. Maybe I'm too mean to her, but this is especially true for Catherine. I … Continue reading Behind the characters: Catherine

The authors journey begins…

I’ve always been an avid reader. I was that kid who sat in the shopping cart with a book, and now I'm the (so-called) adult who always has a book in her bag. I remember liking creating stories, first with my dolls and then on page from a pretty early age. However, there are always … Continue reading The authors journey begins…