Places that inspired The Catherine Siddall Series: Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, York

When I lived in York I had this tendency to pack my camera and just go wandering (Blame my history back ground and studying archeology while i lived there). That is how I came across Holy Trinity Church, tucked away from view behind shops on Goodramgate. Before I get into how it shaped an important … Continue reading Places that inspired The Catherine Siddall Series: Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, York

Behind the Characters: Lett (Alexander Taggart)

*contains spoilers. The creator of the game. Demonic bastard. King of Hell wannabe. I knew when I first started to dream up the beginnings of the story, Catherine needed a foe who was determined, whose motivations went much further than anyone could realize. I knew from the start he had to be a demon, and … Continue reading Behind the Characters: Lett (Alexander Taggart)

Phenomenon behind the series: Crossroads

Although most now associate crossroads and the demons attached to them with the TV show Supernatural, there's actually some actual history behind the legends. I chose to incorporate the stories into the Catherine Siddall series for a few reasons, as I'll explain. In mythology and folklore, a crossroads, where two paths meet, can be a … Continue reading Phenomenon behind the series: Crossroads

Phenomenon behind the Series: Timeslips

I was going through some of my Abbey shots to get in the right headspace for working on book 4, and one of my favorite unsolved mysteries came to mind. Time Slips. The idea that there is a phenomenon where people accidentally cross through time. It’s easy to feel like it’s possible when standing in … Continue reading Phenomenon behind the Series: Timeslips

#Igwritersoct days 11-20

Day 11- your books I’m kind of bummed I don’t have my copy of book three yet, which is out next week, but here’s the first two in the series. A massive supernatural mystery, dem Day 12- books that inspire you... Um, Everything I’ve ever read? I narrowed it down to the first books in … Continue reading #Igwritersoct days 11-20

Behind the Characters: Colt and Graham Springfield

Mentioned in Displaced, but properly introduced in Unexpected Returns, are Colt Springfield and his brother Graham. The oldest of the two Springfield brothers, he was always an older brother to Catherine as well. Like Catherine, he has only known the life of hunting the unknown. He loves his classic car, drops pop culture references like … Continue reading Behind the Characters: Colt and Graham Springfield

Behind the Characters: Mitchell Conall

The third main character in the Catherine Siddall series is Mitchell. Brooding, mysterious and a bit of a pain in the ass. When I created him, I wanted a male character that would go from instinctively wanting to protect Catherine, to realizing she knows what she is doing and can handle herself pretty damn well. … Continue reading Behind the Characters: Mitchell Conall

Wardrobe matters, even in books.

I did a mini post about this on Instagram, but I thought I would do one here as well. Something I've noticed happens a lot in books is a complete disregard for what is appropriate for what the character is doing, in terms of wardrobe. All too often, a character is described as being involved … Continue reading Wardrobe matters, even in books.

Behind the characters: Catherine

One of my biggest pet peeves, when I'm reading, is when the lead character is perfect. Flawless. Never fails. I knew from the start that I wanted my characters to reflect how every single person has flaws and even heroes fail. Maybe I'm too mean to her, but this is especially true for Catherine. I … Continue reading Behind the characters: Catherine